The Association for construction in plant fibres (Association pour la construction in fibres végétales) was formed in France in 1997 with the following objectives:

"the research, the development and the promotion of plant fibres in construction"

The association is non-profit and registered under the French law of 1901.

The association can assist with:

  • general and technical documentation for sale (books & videos)

  • practical training workshops

  • visits to construction sites and finished buildings

  • contacting a designer and builder experienced in plant fibre construction (including straw bale) via its network of members in France

    Members of the public may join the association and it publishes a newsletter.

    Association pour la Construction in Fibres Végétales (ACFV)

    41, rue du Lieutenant Ricard, 78400 CHATOU, FRANCE

    Telephone: international code + 33.1.30 53 76 97

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    updated June 2000