John DAGLISH (1995) Biotique Habitat, France, 61 pages. English language version

The development of straw bale construction in France is described including details of Feuillette House constructed in 1914 the oldest French straw bale building. A technical description of French construction techniques is compared with American ones including details of lime/sand renders used in France. Technical descriptions including photo's and plans of 17 French buildings are given as are contact details for visits. A directory of French contacts including designers is included.

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There are many other publications available in English. Some notable resources are;

Swentzell Steen, A, Steen, B, Bainbridge, D (1994) THE STRAW BALE HOUSE Chelsea Green Publishing Company, Vermont, USA

McDonald, S.O, Myhrman, M, (1994) BUILD IT WITH BALES: A step by step guide to Straw Bale Construction Out on Bale (un)limited, Arizona, USA

There are some magazines also;

THE LAST STRAW, PO Box 42000, Tucson, AZ 85766-2000, USA

LA PREMIERE PAILLE, (French language), ACFV, 41 rue Lieutenant Ricard, 78400 Chatou, FRANCE

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